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Lekkid is a project born in Barcelona to create innovative products that develop children’s creativity

The term soft skills is becoming more and more common in the educational field. It refers to those emotional and social competencies that allow us to perform successfully in all kinds of environments and interact effectively with others.

Why is it important for children to work on soft skills at an early age?

Childhood is the ideal time to promote soft skills and change the educational model that usually gives priority to hard skills, which are much easier to quantify in an exam. Fostering soft skills is a way to prepare children for the modern world. Society has changed a lot, and nowadays it is essential to master the skills that are expected to excel in the professional environment, in addition to having a comprehensive education, which includes good emotional development.

Although each soft skill is different from the others, they all work together and it is necessary to cover all of them if we want children to have a complete development that allows them to flow in the situations of the outside world. Among the main soft skills that we can work to promote with our children we find:

In short, developing soft skills in children is a way to ensure their complete education, which goes beyond theoretical school learning. In this way, they are better prepared to meet the demands of modern society, stand out in future jobs and grow up with more emotional balance.

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