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Lekkid is a project born in Barcelona to create innovative products that develop children’s creativity

Play has a crucial role in the life of any child. From an early age, it becomes a natural and frequent behavior that allows children to express themselves and interact with the world.

Although it may seem a mere pastime, play represents a great educational tool through which children experience, learn and grow. While playing, children develop multiple physical, psychomotor, cognitive, language, affective and social skills.

Fostering the socialization process through play

There are countless benefits of playing for the little ones and on this occasion, we want to delve into its socializing power. Play is a means of communication through which children express and generate relationships and bonds among themselves.

Playing in a group creates social interactions among equals that develop children’s social and communicative skills. Therefore, they can begin to acquire values linked to the socialization process, such as respect for pre-established rules, confrontation of ideas, respect, tolerance and cooperation.

The emotional and affective development fostered by group play is also closely linked to its socializing power. Emotions such as frustration, disappointment or anger are common to experience while playing, so we must take advantage of these occasions to help them cope and manage them successfully.

At Lekkid we encourage play as a tool for cognitive and social development and we are committed to giving it the role it deserves in children. We currently have two lines of games. On the one hand, Imaginary Fauna, a game composed of pieces of different materials and colors interconnectable with each other, available in Jungle version and Desert version. On the other hand, Magical Lights, a construction game where pieces are combined to design shapes and figures to build their own lamps.

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