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Lekkid is a project born in Barcelona to create innovative products that develop children’s creativity

Play is usually a safe space where children feel at ease and free, so it is the ideal time to help them develop one of the most important skills for their lives: self-esteem.

To achieve this, it is important to find the balance between offering them challenges that they can overcome and letting them play freely so that they can develop their most creative side. The optimum combination will depend on the child’s personality, the environment, the moment, etc.

When children overcome a challenge, they feel a sense of accomplishment that boosts their confidence. It is important that we are at their side to compliment their effort and problem-solving skills to promote even more this sense of satisfaction and, consequently, their self-esteem.

However, there are occasions when this type of play can bring too much pressure, so it is also essential to let them explore free play. By giving them independence, children will maximize their creativity and decision-making ability.

Open-ended play

Open-ended games are those in which there is no specific way of doing things or a specific purpose. This way, through play they can experiment, try, and make mistakes, which will help boost their self-esteem in the process.

Playing with open-ended toys is when children can be more creative and do things their own way. Making their own decisions helps children to increase their self-esteem.

From Lekkid, we have created different toys that are based on the same basis: to develop the creative skills of the little ones. All of them are open-ended games as we seek to foster basic skills such as creativity, free thinking, and self-esteem to prepare children for the real world.

Imaginary Fauna Jungle and Imaginary Fauna Desert encourage flexible thinking, while Magical Lights is based on productive play. We believe in game as a playful learning tool. Contact us for more information!

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