ColorADD inclusive toys

A single, universal and non-discriminatory language

Discover ColorADD, an universal inclusive language system. ColorADD is unique and non-discriminatory. A language system that helps colorblind people – 1 in 12 male children – identify colors. Using graphic, easy-to-recognize symbols, LEKKID includes colorblind children in the joy of mixing and playing with colored pieces.

Juguetes inclusivos ColorADD Lekkid

At LEKKID we design original toys that enhance the creative capacity of children.

Imaginary Fauna


Imaginary Fauna


Luminescent toys

Our range of glowing toys offers children the unique opportunity to explore their creativity in dark environments. Magical Lights emit a soft, glowing light, encouraging children to engage in imaginative play, creating a magical world of lights. By moving and arranging toys, they can experiment with different shapes and patterns, improving their understanding of spatial relationships and visual perception. This playful interaction not only provides hours of entertainment, but also stimulates cognitive development and fine motor skills. Ideal for playing at night or in dimly lit spaces, these toys transform ordinary playtime into an extraordinary experience, capturing the wonder of light and dark.

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