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Lekkid is a project born in Barcelona to create innovative products that develop children’s creativity

Playing is an essential element in children’s development. Looking for those activities in which kids boost their creativity and imagination is key for their cognitive, social and emotional development. Open-ended games are an extraordinary option for this, we share with you what they consist of and what benefits they offer to the little ones.

What are open-ended games?

Open-ended games are those in which there is no specific way to be played, all of them are valid since they do not have an established purpose. As they do not have a closed function, the ways to play with them are infinite. These types of games have no limits or rules, which makes them especially interesting for children’s creative development.

What are the benefits of open-ended games?

The fact of having to combine, transform and experiment with this type of games enhances a myriad of creative skills that help to increase their flexible thinking. Here are some of the other benefits of open-ended games:

Nowadays there is a wide range of open-ended games. A classic example would be construction toys. At Lekkid we currently have three construction games available that are based on the concept of ‘open-ended play’ to develop children’s creative skills.

Imaginary Fauna Jungle and Imaginary Fauna Desert enhance their flexible thinking, while Magical Lights is based on productive play. We believe in play as a playful learning tool, contact us for more information!

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