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Lekkid is a project born in Barcelona to create creative toys that develop children’s creativity.

We believe in a world where children are creative, so that in the face of everyday problems they find innovative solutions. We envision free-thinking children, environmentally aware children, children who continually explore the world around them.

LEKKID creative toys


Through innovative designs and beautiful shapes, we develop children’s sensitivity as an element of inspiration towards new alternatives, stimulating their senses and imagination. We understand the game as a playful learning tool.

We carefully draw the entire process from the conceptualization of the creative toys and the design to its manufacture, always helped by educators and designers to offer durable and quality products.

With Lekkid we don’t just play, we also learn that things can be different to how we know them… Enjoy your play!

Our creative toys

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Magical Lights

Imaginary Fauna


Imaginary Fauna


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