Show children how things can be different to how they know them, tap into their creative skills and you’ll get imaginative solutions from them. At Lekkid we design products that enhance creative skills so that children acquire tools and can resolve problems innovatively.
Through innovative designs and beautiful shapes, we seek to help children develop their sensitivity as a means of inspiration to discover new alternatives. Applying good product design stimulates the child’s senses, their imagination and predisposes them to explore new shapes. We believe in the harmony of shapes and in the functionality of objects. Design, in all its facets, is therefore part of the nature of Lekkid.
Lekkid seeks for children, whatever their inherent talent may be, to develop their creative skills for innovative problem-solving.
Through its products, Lekkid’s purpose is to contribute towards creating a more creative society that has values.
To facilitate the learning of creative tools and skills among children aged 3 to 8 years old through elements with a high degree of design content.